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Jekyll is a static site generator so only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are loaded. Why bother with continuous integration, like Travis, at all? For the experience.

What sounds like a simple task took longer than expected. Here is what I did.

1) Connected Github account to Travis CI (already done since I’ve used Travis before).
2) Created a .travis.yml, which is what Travis uses for configuration. It’s fairly straightforward.

3) Added new variables to my _config.yml

username: seannam
repo: seannam.github.io
branch: master
destination: _site/
safe: false

Full file:

4) Created a script file that will run htmlproofer, a Ruby Gem I’m using to test my site. It checks links and images.

5) Added gem 'html-proofer' to my Gemfile.

6) Commit and push. Travis runs automatically.

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Sean Nam

UC San Diego Computer Science. Class of 2019.

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