Sean Nam

UCSD Computer Science Student.

My Macbook Air was acting up and I decided I had enough and proceeded to do a fresh install. This will be a step-by-step walkthrough on how I set up a new Mac. I plan to write up a nicer version to store on Github. Don’t forget most of these...

I learned about this last fall. I was working on a web application with a team for a software engineering class and was tired of opening up terminal and changing to the same directories so often.

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not a big fan of social media. Compared to my peers, you could even say I’m not addicted to Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, or Twitter. But today I decided to unfollow everyone and only follow a select few. I was inspired by Jason...

I use a lot of different technologies including django, node, and Jekyll. Here’s a list of how to start these services on a Mac.

Jekyll is a static site generator so only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are loaded. Why bother with continuous integration, like Travis, at all? For the experience.